Why the change from IDS to SDD?

The Integrated Diagnostic System (IDS) core architecture dates from 1999 and incorporates elements going back as far as 1995. In the meantime, vehicle technology has become more complex and the number of vehicle variants has increased.

Current vehicle systems support up to 4,000 different Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs), which increases the complexity of diagnostics. The technician now needs to diagnose systems, not merely individual components.

Without a clear strategy for a repair process, a technician faced with up to 40 DTCs at the start of an IDS session can easily lose confidence in the diagnostic tool. Feedback data from dealerships shows inconsistent methods of fault diagnosis with under utilization of the IDS capabilities. This has resulted in high ‘No Fault Found’ repair rates, difficulty in achieving Fixed Right First Time (FRFT) repairs, and an increase in the time that a customer’s vehicle is off the road.