Why it’s useful having your own Jaguar & Land Rover Diagnostic kit?

In the last 7 years the diagnostics industry has boomed. Vehicles have become more complicated with more electrics and fast moving technology piled in. The end result of having all these “mini computers" running in your vehicle is that when it goes wrong they require another computer to diagnose what is wrong and fix them.

The Jaguar and Land Rover Diagnostic kits are suited to various types of people.

If you plan on doing your own repairs on your JLR vehicle then it goes without saying that you really do need your own diagnostic kit. Being able to have access to something like IDS & SDD when finding out which part has failed is absolutely crucial. It speeds up your diagnostics and more importantly makes it far more accurate. With a good quality diagnostic kit you can avoid replacing parts unnecessarily in hope of curing your fault.

Some owners like to do minor ECM programming changes themselves, a good example would be to turn on folding mirrors. When doing an extremely minor job like this you can expect the dealer to charge a minimum of 30 minutes labour. Though the actual job is 5-10 minutes the time can easily stack up including commuting to the JLR dealership. You can expect a bill of around £55-65 to do a minor programming job like this unless you try and combine it in with a service and sweet talk the rep!