IDS Integrated Diagnostic Software

IDS was used by Jaguar dealerships for vehicles manufactured pre-2005. Land Rover also used IDS however the interface we can only supply will only work with the Jaguar side of IDS. We don't offer IDS for Land Rovers.

The user interface does look dated compared to the newer SDD however it is still a very reliable piece of software that is still used in the Jaguar dealerships through out the world due to SDD not working on the newer range. IDS is build into SDD V130 so if you purchase V130 you will automatically be getting IDS and SDD together.

Our IDS software is only suitable for Jaguars pre-2005, it is not suitable for any Land Rover pre 2005.

It allows you to do the following:Fault Code Reading / Resetting analysing for repairs

  •  Service Lights
  •  Read / Clear / Reset Air bag Light codes
  •  Read / Clear / Reset ABS Light codes
  •  Programming Modules
  •  Clearing adaptions
  •  Programming personalisation like ride height or folding wing mirrors.
  •  Activate pumps for brake bleeding
  •  Program new DSC units
  •  Program ABS Units