Jaguar & Land Rover Diagnostics Equipment

Here at British Diagnostics we specialist in IDS/ SDD and our passion is to offer Jaguar and Land Rover enthusiasts affordable diagnostics kits allowing them to diagnose their vehicles effectively and easily.
Our software kits are completely bespoke to us. We utilise the latest virtual machines so that the installation is already done and pre-setup for you ensuring that the setup on your end will be pain free.
Utilising JLRs IDS (Integrated Diagnostic Software) / SDD (Symptom Driven Diagnostics) based diagnostic platform, you will be able to confirm what your issue is within minutes.
Our diagnostic cables are a great alternative to the commonly used JLR Mongoose cables. The OBD2 USB diagnostic cables we supply are solely for use on Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles. All our cables come with a comprehensive 1 years warranty and a no quibble returns guarantee.
Now you can avoid expensive dealer and specialist prices and do your own diagnostics/coding from the comfort of your own driveway or garage.