Will my Land Rover work with the JLR SDD Software?

As long as your Jaguar is between 1997 and 2014 and your Land Rover is between 2005-2014, our kits will work. (OBD2 port must be present.)

What is the difference between IDS and SDD?

Integrated Diagnostic Software was used on Jaguars pre 2005. When JLR came together the new software Symptom Driver Diagnostics was born and was used from then on.

Do I really need this kit?

This kit has been developed for Jaguar and Land Rover enthusiasts. The majority of our customers simply want to plug in their cable and find out what is wrong. They still usually follow through with taking the vehicle to the specialist but at least they now have some background knowledge. Some customers simply want to clear a fault code or an airbag light and won’t touch the kit again. Some enthusiasts want to retrofit a towbar or add keys and some want to repair everything and anything on their Jaguar or Land Rover.

How do I install the software?

All of our kits come with IDS and SDD pre-installed on a virtual machine. Basic computer skills are required to copy and paste the machine over and set it up. We provide detailed pictorial instructions aswell as a video tutorial all supplied with the kit.

What laptop do I need?

Our kits are designed to work on any laptop. We recommend a minimum spec of: Core2duo, 1gb ram, 50gb free hard drive space.

Are you able to help me if I get stuck?

We offer a remote support service, as long as you have internet on your laptop you will be able to utilise this service.

What do I do if my cable becomes faulty?

We offer a no quibble 1 year warranty on our cables. If there is any issue we will replace or repair the cable at no cost.