How SDD has changed the future of Land Rover diagnostics?

New Diagnostic Process

IDS has been updated with the goal of providing a clear diagnostic strategy and tool navigation path to the technician. With Symptom Driven Diagnostics (SDD), the technician is able to begin the diagnostic process by identifying the specific symptoms of a customer concern using Symptom Maps incorporated into the

SDD software. A diagnostic strategy can then be structured around only the DTCs that are relevant to those symptoms. SDD can also provide links to other service information to support the diagnostic process.

Symptom Maps

Symptom Maps are incorporated into the SDD software, and allow the technician to target DTCs and diagnostic routines based on a specific set of symptoms. Symptom Maps are organized by major vehicle system as follows:

Module Communications Network

Maps are then further structured by System and Sub-System details to provide lists of possible symptoms at 2 levels.

Symptom Maps are used by SDD in conjunction with DTCs. In order to ensure the best possible recommenda- tions to achieve FRFT repairs, the technician must input ALL vehicle symptoms that match the customer concern.